Effective Communication

Course Overview

UCDS College for School Culture

Tuesdays, 4:00pm-6:00pm

September 27 - December 6, 2022
*No class November 22nd


Communication is the heart of school culture. Needs, values, traditions and a school’s ethos rely on the medium of communication. Educators are called upon to be change agents: to explain concepts, motivate people and advocate for a better way of doing something. A successful, dynamic communicator makes their ideas come to life and brings clarity and shared understanding to the audience using effective and reflective listening, speaking, and writing skills that are grounded in the characteristics/knowledge of the school culture. Intentional communication clarifies understanding and invites the participation of educators, students and the greater community to share in and strengthen the school culture.

This class is designed to support students to build knowledge, skills, strategies, and understanding about the ideas above so students have the ability to make sense of, to identify, to navigate, and to create change in a wide range of communication contexts and relationships. This course focuses on the influences of interpersonal communication and how these interactions shape an environment. Weekly in-class activities center on identifying personal values that characterize interpersonal communications with the expectation of engaging with a school culture. Observations in a variety of settings along with in-class practice (role playing, etc.) will address the intentional focus of the communicators in their attempts to connect authentically with colleagues, students, families, administrators, and the greater school community.

Registration is limited to a small number of participants who will join our Master's degree candidates for these quarter-long courses. Registrants should expect to fully participate in all aspects of the course, including attendance and out-of-class assignments. 

20 Clock Hours (available for an additional $50)

2 Credits (available through Seattle Pacific University)

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