Welcome to the UCDS Institute

Continuing Education: Workshops and Courses

In partnership with the UCDS College for School Culture, we are excited to offer select courses to local educators and school leaders who would like to elevate their practice. Registration is limited to a small number of participants who will join our Master’s degree candidates for these quarter-long courses. Registrants should expect to fully participate in all aspects of each course including attendance and assignments


ImmersiFIRE Online PD

Created by teachers for teachers, ImmersiFIRE focuses on supporting and growing a professional learning community which embodies and embraces innovative practices.

Through ImmersiFIRE, teachers can engage in self-paced, selective experiences designed to deepen their understanding of content, strategies and assessment of a given subject. ImmersiFIRE offers an opportunity to engage in meaningful online learning and become acquainted with a future resource for topic specific enrichment. 

Subject areas include mathematics, reading, writing, music, science, and classroom strategies.